We power the people that power the service sector.

Employers in the service sector rely on us to provide the training, certification and professional development services they need to achieve their objectives.

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Who we serve.

Moncel is trusted internationally by businesses of all sizes to support risk management through the delivery of sector-specific training, certification and professional development services.


We provide essential food safety and alcohol service training for those who serve food and drink to be consumed in-house.

  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Cafeterias and canteens
  • Fast food outlets
  • Hotels
  • Nightclubs and bars
  • Conference, exhibition and event caterers


d-retailThe training and certification services we provide help ensure that food and drink sold by retailers is safe for consumption.

  • Supermarkets
  • Convenience stores
  • Grocers, butchers, bakers and delis
  • Service stations



We help health and community organizations protect the wellbeing of the people they serve, which includes some of society’s most vulnerable individuals.

  • Hospitals
  • Aged care facilities
  • Educational institutions



We recognise that food safety is paramount throughout the supply chain, impacting food processing facilities and manufacturers as much as it does hospitality and retail businesses.

  • Food manufacturers
  • Processing plants
  • Packaging facilities
  • Wholesale bakers
  • Breweries and wine producers
  • Small scale farm and home food producers



Our services help safeguard the health and wellbeing of large workforces employed by government organisations and associated contractors.

  • Federal governments
  • State and provincial governments
  • Armed forces
  • Defence contractors


Businesses we operate.

Our diverse brand portfolio enables us to cater for a variety of customers, tailoring our product offering based on business type, size, location and training requirements.

Keeping consumers safe.

The food safety and alcohol service training we provide has a knock-on effect, protecting millions of consumers from the harmful impacts of food-borne illnesses, allergic reactions, and alcohol-related incidents.

Feeding those in need.

As well as donating thousands of meals each year through our charity partners, we take time out of our schedules to support the collection, preparation and distribution of food to vulnerable people in the community.

Doing things right, on an international scale.

We’ve expanded our business operations and product offering to meet the requirements of a global customer base.

  • Seven business units operating across three countries (Australia, Canada and USA)
  • Due diligence conducted in each region to ensure compliance with the unique requirements of each governing body
  • Teams located accordingly to provide accessible customer support
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Delivering knowledge, ensuring compliance.

Our e-learning platforms deliver a comprehensive selection of professional development and certification courses designed to enhance knowledge and ensure compliance with food safety and alcohol service regulations.


Certification programs

Government-approved training courses covering all the elements required in order to comply with relevant laws and regulations.


Professional development

Educational programs designed to improve the knowledge of service professionals looking to enhance their capabilities and career prospects.

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Trusting technology to take care of it.

Our online courses are powered by the latest technology to give our students an effortless learning experience that facilitates success.

  • Reliable online learning platforms available 24/7
  • Mobile device compatibility
  • AI-powered enhancements

Committed to compliance.

Our compliance footprint is global, and among the largest of any e-learning provider.

We operate across over a hundred government regions, working closely with regulators to develop service sector training and certification products that ensure our customers comply with industry standards.

Results. It’s what drives us.

Our rapidly growing business continues to go from strength to strength by delighting customers on a daily basis.


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Our team is devoted to helping businesses increase efficiency and reduce risk. Get in touch with us to discover what our educational programs can do. We’d love to hear from you.