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If you work in the industry then you might already know us. 

Operating under a number of specialised industry brands, Moncel exercises its broad global reach through localised and specialist industry brands. Allowing us to deliver relevant, best in class solutions to customers of every size.


Australian Institute of Food Safety

As Australia's premier food safety educator, the Australian Institute of Food Safety is a respected authority providing training as well as legislative & compliance advice in the area of food safety.


Food Safety First

Food Safety First delivers affordable, high quality training products to individuals, small and medium sized businesses seeking to meet food safety compliance requirements within Australia.


Canadian Institute of Food Safety

The Canadian Institute of Food Safety provides industry focused training & education solutions designed to assist Canadian organisations to meet their compliance and food safety requirements.



HACCP SAFE delivers fast and affordable HACCP compliance kits that allow organisations to design, implement and manage HACCP compliant food safety programs within their workplace.